Gender-inclusive washrooms are present on each floor of the college and disabled-friendly washrooms are also constructed for differently challenged pupils..

Research and innovation:


  • Initiate a vibrant research programme and encourage every faculty member to actively engage in research
  • To start research in priority areas and to advance the education and experience of chemists and other health care professionals in order to enhance healthcare
  • Introducing industry best practises and establishing connections with professionals in other institutions to promote cooperative research


  • Encourage, support, and organize healthcare-related research
  • Determine the main topics of study by speaking with specialists, attending scientific conferences, and attending other technical activities.
  • Create a thorough list of possible funding organizations together with the submission conditions.
  • Organize and assist with research publication
  • Organize research projects and strengthen industry-institution cooperation in order to strengthen the industry connection and assist in bettering student placement.
  • Upkeep of documents pertaining to scientific endeavors, such as published articles and conference presentations