Code of Conduct


  • It is our aim to make the College campus a pleasant, healthy and safe environment for students to live and work in.
  • It is with this in mind that we have established a student code of conduct which outlines the behaviour we expect from students.
  • Respect towards each other and shared responsibility for the environment are key components of the code of conduct expected from students.
  • Students who do not comply with this code of conduct may be disciplined under the student disciplinary procedures which are fair, just and supportive.
  • Classes start from 8.30 a.m. and may continue up to 4.30p.m. on all the six days of a week (Monday to Saturday).
  • Students are advised to come to the Institute by 8:25 am to attend classes.
  • As per university rules 75% attendance is mandatory to appear in semester end examination.
  • Students must adhere to the Dress Code of the Institute.
  • All students should reach the classroom on time and shallnot leave the class without the permission of the teacher.
  • Latecomers can enter the class only if permitted by the lecturer. They may be marked present by him/her at the end of an hour only if there is sufficient reason for being late.
  • All students should wear proper uniform with shoes and black belts are compulsory for boys. For girls hair style should be plaited
  • Any exemption will be notified by the authorities.
  • The behaviour of the students, both within and outside the college premises should be decent and befitting to a professional institution.
  • Use of mobile phones in the classrooms, Library, labs,workshop area strictly prohibited.
    Every student must carry his / her Identity Card while entering the campus and identify himself with help of the Identity Card whenever asked for.No guests / visitors shall be allowed with the students in the class/lab/ library.


  • Regular absenteeism without informing may lead to cancellation of admission.
  • You are required to submit assignments, appear for Internal Exams, Field Work, Project etc. as per the stipulated time and norms of the programme and the Institute /College subject to satisfactory attendance requirements. Please refer to the respective Institute’s/ College notice boards for schedules.
  • All students must complete their home work / assignments given by the faculty and submit the same before deadline date.
  • College conducts various co-curricular, cultural and extracurricular activities in the college round the year and your participation in  the same is mandatory for your overall holistic development.


  • You will have to wear your Id-card in College / Institute at all times. You will maintain utmost discipline as per the direction of the organizational authorities, Head of the Institution / College.
  • It is mandatory to maintain silence, hygiene and cleanliness in the campus.
  • Incase of damage to property or equipments of the Institute by you, you will be liable for fine (full cost recovery) as per the norms of  the Institute / College.
  • Students are strictly forbidden to bring or burst crackers in the college
  • Mobile Phones, cameras and all other electronic items are totallybanned in college. If confiscated they will not be returned.
  • Ragging, smoking, use of mobiles, consumption of tobacco, consumption of alcoholic drinks / drugs is strictly prohibited in the campus, hostel and vicinity of the campus.Stringent actions will be taken against those who will indulge in such activities.
  • The college is not responsible for goods lost. Therefore, it is not advisable to bring valuable articles like expensive watches, fountain pens, and not permitted to wear any gold jewellery to college (e.g. chains, rings, bangles,  bracelets etc.)
  • While leaving the classroom, it is the duty of the students to close the windows, switch off the fans and lights etc.  arrange the chairs properly and then leave the classroom.
  • Students must help keep the institute neat and clean and also preserve and maintain the greeneries.
  • Eatables / beverages are not allowed inside the studyareas including labs, library, workshops.
  • All the labs follow certain safety and academic norms for their smooth functioning. Students are advised to keep themselves updated on those norms and follow them accordingly.
  • You will abide by the rules and directions of the Institute / College for dress code and uniforms. Uniform is compulsory during all classes, seminars, guest lecturers & visits. College uniform &  wearing of Id card is mandatory on all days when you are in 
  • You should not indulge in thefts, mal-practices in exams and tests, sexual mis-conducts inside or outside the Institute / College. In case of violation of norms insubordination or any other offences,  the students will be liable for punishment as per the norms of the Institutes local competent authority.