Faculty Training Program

The Office of Faculty Development (OFD), led by Dean supports the faculty through a variety of programs and initiatives. OFD assists in faculty recruitment and retention efforts to ensure that SVCP has an excellent and diverse faculty. The office works with deans, chairs and search committees in their outreach efforts to develop talented and diverse applicant pools and to enable equitable review processes. OFD also serves as a central resource for faculty recruits, newly hired faculty and early career faculty in their transition to the Stanford community and on their journey towards tenure. 

Faculty Development Overview

SVCP has a wide variety of faculty development opportunities, You can find information here about programs available centrally to help you build mentoring resources for your own career, resources for academic writing and publishing, and opportunities to learn more about leadership. The Center for Teaching and Learning provides programs and resources to help you increase your teaching skills.

Teaching and Learning Resources

Mentoring Guidelines and Resources

Writing Programs and Resources

Leadership Resources

Mentoring Guidelines and Resources

Mentoring encompasses the most important learning and development function for faculty members as they progress in their careers. Whether recognized by the term “mentoring” or not, all faculty members learn and grow in their work by observing and engaging with more experienced members of their profession.

Effective mentoring, through both formal and informal relationships, enables an individual to continue to learn how to work more effectively to meet the multitude of responsibilities expected of a faculty member, while thriving and building professional success. To facilitate the orientation and development of early career faculty members at Stanford, department chairs will assign a senior faculty member in the department to serve as a mentor for each incoming pre-tenure faculty member. Importantly, however, it is the responsibility of early career faculty members to be proactive in developing the mentoring relationships they need to succeed.